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“Best facility in Pittsburgh…they helped me to get completely off opiates after 8 years of struggling. They worked with me to taper down my suboxone dose , from 2 8MG strips daily , to completely off opiates. I would recommend Matt and his facility to anyone struggling with addiction.” – M.H.

“When I decided to turn my life around A&R was the first clinic I went to but after 1 missed appointment they kicked me like a bad habit. I am so happy that I found RT. They are an amazing crew who truly care about their patients. They have helped me stay righteous and held me down like a family!” – S.J.

“This place is the best outpatient program I have ever been to. I have been to other ones but they only want money. They get as much as they can then kick you out….not Right Track.   If not for Right Track I would not be here today.” – J.D.

“Right Track is the best place I’ve been to by far! Everyone there is amazing and there for whatever you may need. They genuinely care and I’m so glad I found them! If your struggling and want a change I highly recommend Right Track Addiction services.” – S.H.

“Right Track is the best clinic you could choose for recovery. Everyone you will encounter is so sweet and caring.  I love the atmosphere and how you feel like you’re with family almost.  I highly recommend Right Track when you are ready to recover and live again!” – K.C.

“At first, I was extremely nervous and sick. I didn’t really know what to expect. But everyone, especially Dr.Frey , made me feel comfortable. I was ready for help, believe me. They have all helped me through my nightmare. I feel like a new woman. Now I am able to live again.” – D.F.

“All of the staff are absolutely wonderful. They are non judgmental and truly there for you. Matt is so easy to talk to and has a wonderful and warm personality. I truly am grateful that i found such an amazing group of people to begin this journey with. Thank you for all that you do right track!” – M.F.


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